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GUI Applications Mac OS X: (Mac Store) (Its FREE for a limited time!) (Paid) Windows: gitextensions tortoisegit Linux: ??

Tutorials Git Extensiosn Clone - Commit changes - Push changes - Pull changes - Handle merge conflicts - A couple more Git clients:

For Windows: Possibly outdated guide to it:

Multi-platform (Windows/Linux/Mac) I've heard good things about: (free for non-commercial use).

Multi-platform (which is kinda... offline at this time. lol. Coincidences, coincidences.)

Eclipse: ( (hey, Eclipse sits just fine in line with operating systems!)

All are graphical clients.

For Linux: too many. For all tastes. :) Personally, I use the standard command line client, its little gitk interface, occasionally Git-cola, occasionally EGit (Eclipse plugin)... and I have several others of less interest. If you use PHPStorm editor, its Git plugin features can also be used directly for just about any simple and slightly advanced operations with Git.

More on Tutorials:

The "bible" -

Interesting read (some may say it will help, some may say it will deter): an article presenting Git and SVN side by side and "translating" Git commands in the "equivalent" SVN commands. Interesting, and might make Git more approachable faster. Might also make slightly harder the switch from a "centralized" thinking to a "distributed" one, if I may put it this way.

Tutorial, clear writing and to the point: (as usual from the author)

More advanced features:

On submodules, you may find useful: (quick pick) (a bit old though)

On git subtree, a very quick pick, merge subtree strategy: