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You can only issue a warning if an administrator has enabled the warning system.

Issuing a Warning

Issuing a warning reduces a user's privileges on a forum. The higher the warning, the greater this reduction will be.

To warn a user, simply click their username. You will come to their profile summary. In the "Actions" menu, click "Issue a warning". You will come to a page that has some information, as well as a few options:

  • Member Name - The name of the member to be warned.
  • Warning Level - This is the level of warning that you wish to give them. Click either the plus or minus signs or somewhere on the white bar to raise or lower their warning percentage. Setting this to zero will remove the warning.
  • Reason for Warning - This field is required. Put a reason for why this member is being warned. This is displayed to the rest of the moderators.
  • Send a Notification - If this box is checked, a private message will be sent to the user informing them why have been warned.