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Sometimes referred to as threads, topics are actually where you find posted messages

  • Some forums show the navigation tree at the top in a space-saving horizontal mode.
  • Some forums may also be configured with 'Previous' and 'Next Topic' links.
  • The page numbers link to further pages of the topic, and may be accompanied by 'Go Up' and 'Go Down' buttons linking to the top and bottom of the current page.
  • The Reply button enables you to Reply to the topic.
  • The Notify button enables registered members to subscribe to email notification of replies to the topic.
  • The Mark Unread button enables registered members to mark the Topic as 'unread', which means that it will still be listed as new and can be effectively 'saved for later'. Note that this button changes to Add Poll in the bottom button set for users with permission to add polls to existing topics.
  • The Send Topic button enables registered members to send a link to the topic by e-mail.
  • The Print button creates a simplified, printer-friendly rendering of the page.
  • The author name links to the author of the post's own profile.
  • The author details in the left-hand column may be accompanied by further personal information.
  • The topic subject links back to the start of the topic.
  • The Quote button enables you to quote the post.
  • Furthermore, Modify and Delete options are normally provided to enable registered members to edit their own posts.
  • Report to Moderator enables you to report abusive or wrongly-placed posts to the forum staff.
  • "Logged" indicates that the IP address of the author has been logged. The actual IP address is only available to board administrators or those that have the permission to manage members of a forum.
  • The "Jump to menu" link provides a convenient, quick method of navigating the forum. It will allow a user to quickly "jump" to any board that they have access to view.
  • The "Quick Reply" section at the bottom of the topic's page allows members to post in a posting box located at the bottom of every page in a topic as an alternative to clicking the "Reply" button that leads you to a new page to submit a message.