How to create a new administrator or global moderator From Online Manual

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  1. Select Modify Profile > Account Settings from the profile menu buttons or sidebar.
  2. Choose a new Primary Membergroup for this user
    • Click the link [ show additional groups ] to show all Additional groups the member belongs to. If desired, add the member to one of these membergroups by checking the box next to the membergroup name
    • Alternatively, use the drop-down list labeled "Primary Membergoup" to select a new primary membergroup for this user.
  3. Click the Change profile button to save your changes.

Every user can belong to only one primary membergroup, and to any number of additional membergroups. The Primary Membergroup is the one which shows up in the Memberlist under position. The member will gain all the permissions belonging to the primary and all the additional membergroups to which they now belong.

For example, if you wish the member to show up on the memberlist and in posts as a Global Moderator, check Global Moderator as the member's Primary Membergroup. If you wish the member to be listed differently, choose a different Primary Membergroup, and select Global Moderator from among the Additional Membergroups.