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Recycle Board

A recycle board is where topics or posts which have been deleted by an administrator or moderator will automatically be stored. If a forum does not have such a board then any topics or posts which are removed cannot be restored, unless a database backup contains the topics or posts which were deleted.

To create a recycle board, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new board that can only be viewed by administrators and moderators.
  2. Go to Admin > Boards > Settings and tick the box enable recycling of deleted topics
  3. In the drop down menu which follows select the board that was created in step one and click save.

Note that if an administrator, or moderator who has the delete permission for the recycle board, deletes a topic or post twice, it will be removed completely, thus bypassing the recycle board.

Any members who can view the recycle board and have the permission to move topics will see a restore link in the top right corner of the topic or post, alongside other moderation options. Clicking this will return a topic or post to the board where it was originally posted.