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SMF enables you to have separate permission profiles for each board, so that different membergroups can do different things on different boards. For example, this can be useful if you want users to be allowed to reply to posts, but not to create new topics in a certain board.

Permission profiles only contain board-related permissions. You can assign whichever permission profile you want to each of your boards. A default "global" permission profile is assigned to boards that do not have their own custom permission profile assigned to it.

Creating and Using Permission Profiles

Examples of Permission Profiles in Practice

Restrict Where New Members Can Make Their First Post

One permission profile that administrators often like to create is one which limits which boards new members can post in until they have made their first post. The following steps give an example of how to create and use such a permission profile:

  1. Create a Post Count Group
    a) Go to Admin > Members > Membergroups > Add Membergroup.
    b) Create a new post count group that requires, for example, one post for membership. Enter the name of the group in Membergroup name ("1 Post Group", for example). For Group Type, select "Post Based". Enter "1" in the Required Posts field. In the section Permissions, select "based off of" and "Regular Members" in the dropdown list. You can check all the "Visible Boards". Click "Add Group", which takes you to a further configuration page.
    c) On the next page you can configure a few more aspects to the new group. You might not need to change anything and so simply click on Save.
  2. Enable Permissions for Post Count Based Groups
    Make sure this option is enabled in Admin > Members > Permissions > Settings.
  3. Change Permissions for the "Default" Permission Profile
    a) Go to Admin > Permissions > General Permissions.
    b) Click on Modify next to "Regular Members" and make sure that all posting permissions are unchecked.
    c) If your zero-post group (called "Newbie" by default) has permissions assigned to it in the default profile, you must make sure that it has all posting permissions unchecked.
    d) Click on Modify next to "1 Post Group" (the name of the post count group requiring one post) and make sure that all posting permissions are CHECKED.
    e) If you have any other post-count membergroups that require more than one post, you must make sure that they have posting permissions CHECKED. For example, the default "Jr. Member" post count group requires 50 posts.
  4. Create a New Permission Profile
    This permission profile will be used for permitting users with zero posts to make their first post in the board(s) to which it is assigned.
    a) Go to Admin > Permissions > Edit Profiles.
    b) At the bottom of the page, create a new profile, named for example "Zero Post Group allowed to post". In the field "Copy Permissions From", leave it as "default". Click on "Create".
  5. Change Permissions in the New Permission Profile
    a) Return to the Edit Profiles page (as in the previous step) and click on the name of the new permission profile that you created. This will enable you to change the permissions associated with this profile.
    b) Click on Modify next to "Regular Members". Scroll down the page and make sure "Post topics and replies to the board" is CHECKED. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
    c) If you have enabled the option to deny permissions on your forum, make sure that the zero-post group (called "Newbie" by default) has not been denied permission to post topics and replies.
  6. Assign the Permission Profile to the Board(s)
    a) Go to Admin > Permissions > Board Permissions.
    b) Find the board where you want members with zero posts to be able to make their first post. Click on the name of this board and you are taken to a page to modify this specific board. The only thing you need to change is the option Permission Profile - in the dropdown list, select the new permission profile that you created ("Zero Post group allowed to post"). Click on Modify at the bottom of the page in order to save this change. You can apply the same permission profile to multiple boards.

After you have completed the steps above, users in a post-count group with one post or more will be able to create new topics and reply to topics in all boards, but members that have zero posts will only be able to make their first post in the board(s) that have the new permission profile assigned to it.

Arantor's example here