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This common text is used in both the install and upgrade articles. 1 numbered parameter.==Extract and Upload the Install Archive== Once the install archive has been downloaded, it will need to be uploaded and extracted before the installer can be executed. There are two methods for this step. The method used will depend on the tools available with the control panel supplied by your hosting service. Please ensure you upload in binary if using an FTP client.

SMF can be uploaded to the site root, or to a directory on the site, such as www.yourdomain.com/forum

Uploading Before Extracting

Some control panels have the ability to extract an archive, such as cPanel. This allows for hassle free uploading and

Extracting Before Uploading

If extracting abilities are not available inside the control panel, the archive can be extracted before uploading. Generally, right-clicking the archive and selecting the "Extract All" option will work. The directory structure should be retained when the install archive is extracted, so all files and directories are in the correct places.