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Note to translators: For this template, please translate only the words on the right of the equal signs (=). For full instructions see below.

How to translate this template

Please follow these instructions in order to create a new translation of this template.

1) Copy this code:

<noinclude>Note to translators:

Please translate only the part on the right of the equal sign (=)
</noinclude>{{As a regular user scheme
|heading_text=As a regular user
|gstart=Getting Started
|login=Logging in
|pm=Personal Messages
|bbc=Bulletin Board Code (BBC)
|htv=How to view unread posts and replies
<!-- please don't translate below this line -->

{{ {{Localized|Add new template translation}} }}

[[Category:translatable templates]]

2) Add to the link of this page a slash "/" and the code of the language you want to translate the template to (e.g. http://wiki.simplemachines.org/fr) and follow the resulting URL. Note: if the link already ends with a language code (e.g. .../fr, .../sr-el, .../nl, etc.) please replace that code with the one of the language you want to translate to.

3) If the new page is empty, select "Create" at the top of the page and paste the full text of the template (copied at step 1) and then translate only the parts that need translation (if you have any doubt feel free to ask on the forum). If the page already exists, just click on "Edit" at the top of the page in order to make changes.

NOTE: Complex templates will include instructions to tell you where to begin and end the translation (<!-- start translate -->) and the end (<!-- stop translate -->).

Please find here below few links ready to be created/edited: