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Support and Credits is accessed through the Administration Center of the forum under the "Main" category. The page is split into different sections to allow a flow of relevant information on different features and functions of the forum.

Support Information is the first section displayed, it will analyse the server/environment running the current installation of SMF for versions and values of installed components such as SMF, PHP, database, graphics library and webserver versions. The information displayed will allow easy copying of data into support threads at the Simple Machines Community Forum.

Common Support Issues is a live panel from the Simple Machines site, with regularly updating information on current common issues and the important fixes. This will contain links and information on running an SMF forum when there are no common issues to be displayed. If the live file cannot be reached for any reason, it will display a message alerting to this.

The Credits section serves as a thank you note to all the volunteers that have dedicated their time and effort into making SMF, and its outlying community. Each members and their role is stated along with the username where desired from the Simple Machines Community Forum.