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In the Registration section you can Register a new user, edit the registration agreement that members need to agree to when registering to your forum, unless it is disabled. You can also set reserved names that no one can register as along with basic settings to handle new members such as disallowing members of a certain age, whether to require admin approval, email confirmation or nothing at all. You can also disable registration altogether.

Register New Member

Registration Agreement

If you want to turn on Registration Agreement you must put a check the box for, "Show and require agreement letter when registering." This makes every new member agree to your terms before allowing them to register. Otherwise if this is disabled no registration agreement will be shown on the registration page.

To edit the registration agreement for your forum, place whatever you like to be in the agreement for your forum in the large box on the top of the page. You may use both HTML and BBC in the registration agreement.

Set Reserved Names