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A member is a person that has Registered on a Forum. It is usually beneficial for a Guest to become a member if they intend to Post or use the Forum more than once.

Members have access to Profile and Notification Options that are unavailable to guests. Members can also be placed in Membergroups, made [Moderators]] or Administrators, given special Permissions, and access members-only areas. Being able to send Personal Messages, receive forum e-mails, and post new Polls and Topics are some additional benefits that may be available by becoming a member of a Forum.

By default, a Forum can support 16,777,215 registered members. However, this limit can be raised relatively easily.

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Awaiting Activation

This page displays a list of all of the members on your forum that have not activated their accounts. This page is only accessible if you have the setting: Method of registration employed for new members set to Member Activation or are using some other method of registration but have Members that registered when Member activation was once required. Another way there may be unactivated accounts is if you registered a member through the admin panel and had the checkbox "Require user to activate the account" checked.

The following information is shown on this page, associated with each member that awaits approval by an administrator:

  • ID - Their member ID.
  • Username - Their Username, the actual name they registered with.
  • IP Address - Their last known IP Address.
  • Registered - Their registration date

On the far right of this page are checkboxes that each correspond with the member they are next to. You can click any of the checkboxes you want and then use the selection box at the bottom of the page to pick what you want to do with the members who you checked.

You can perform the following tasks on the members you select on this page:

  • Activate the selected members - This activates the selected members' accounts. They will now be able to login and do whatever their permissions set for them allow them to do. Prior to being activated, the unactivated members are presented with this message when they try to login: "Your email address needs to be validated before you can login."
  • Activate and send email to the selected members - This will activate the selected members' accounts as explained above, but will also email the selected members, notifying them that their accounts were activated.
  • Delete selected members' accounts - This will delete the selected members' accounts, making it so they will not be able to login at any point. Note: Use this with caution as the deleted members' will be permanently deleted.
  • Delete and send email to selected members' - This will delete the selected members' accounts, but unlike the above option, will also send the members an email telling them that they were deleted. Just as the option before, this option will permanently delete the accounts of those selected for deletion.
  • Remind and send email to the selected members - This will email the selected members' accounts to remind them to activate their accounts.