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A membergroup is a customizable setting in SMF, that administrators can set permissions for. They can set what boards that members from that certain membergroup can see, whether or not those members could manage members, etcetera. To assign membergroups, the administrator would go into the user's profile, into Account Related Settings, and they may set that user to a membergroup by selecting one from the drop-down list called Primary Membergroup.

Edit Membergroups

On the Edit Membergroups section, you will see two separate tables. The table on the top, lists the regular Membergroups on your forum (In other words, the non post-count based groups). The bottom table lists all of the post-count based groups of your forum.

The Membergroup names are colored differently depending on what color is assigned to the group. Next to each of the group names is the star images used for the group, the number of Members the group currently has, and a link to modify the group. On post-count based groups you will also see the required posts needed for a member to be in that post-count based group.

When viewing the Membergroups section, you have three options of what you can do.

  • Add a new membergroup
  • Edit an existing membergroup
  • Select the membergroups that can modify membergroups

The add membergroup page is almost the same as the edit membergroup page, so both are combined into one document, and both links above go to the same document.

Add Membergroup