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Profile Info
<a href=""> Summary</a>
<a href="">Show Stats</a>
<a href="">Show Posts</a>
<a href="">Track User</a>
<a href="">Track IP</a>
<a href="">Show Permissions</a>
Modify Profile
<a href=""> Account Related Settings</a>
<a href="">Forum Profile Information</a>
<a href="">Look and Layout Preferences</a>
<a href="">Notifications and Email</a>
<a href="">Personal Message Options</a>
<a href="">Edit Buddies</a>
<a href="">Send personal message</a>
<a href="">Ban this user</a>
<a href="">Delete Account</a>

A member's Profile includes many key details about the Member and can help them manage their own personal Forum preferences and place their own Signature, Avatar, and personal contact information. Usually, other members of the Board will be able to view your Profile unless the admin disallows this permission.

Viewing your actual Profile is a lot different from viewing other people's profiles, unless you are an admin or are granted additional permissions.

As an administrator, you will see member's profiles the same as the Member would see their own Profile with even more settings than what the Member would see themself. This allows the admin to control all of the settings of any member.

The Profile is broken down into three categories that divide a number of different settings and options. You will find this all in a menu located on the left of each profile page.