One of my members forgot his/her password. How can I retrieve it From Online Manual

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All passwords are encrypted for security reasons and cannot be retrieved, however, they can be changed or reset in the event that a password has been forgotten.

Selecting the Forgot your password? link on the login page will display the Authentication Reminder box, enabling the member to enter their username or email address, so that they can reset their password.

After entering their username or their email address the member is presented with two options:

  • Email me a new password – the member enters their forum profile email address, and will then receive an automated email which includes a link that will enable them to change their password, so that they can login.
  • Let me set a new password by entering my “secret question” – the member enters the answer to their secret question and their new password in the appropriate fields. The member is now able to login.

As a quick fix an administrator can change a member's password within the account related settings section of the member's profile.