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How to Receive, Change, and Remove Notifications

Notifications are useful if you want to be kept up to date when new posts are made to a thread which you are interested in following. This may be a thread which you have posted in, or a thread which you are just interested in reading. There are two ways in which a thread can be set to notify:

  1. Selecting the Notify me of replies box when posting a reply to a thread. More details on this can be found in the additional options section of the posting page.
  2. Selecting the Notify button at the top or bottom of the thread or page which is currently being viewed. Clicking this button will prompt SMF to ask if you are sure that you wish to be notified of new replies to the thread. Assuming you select OK, the thread will automatically be set to notify, meaning that the first time another member of the forum posts a new reply, you will receive an e-mail to the account which you used to join the forum. To stop receiving notifications from the thread, simply select the unnotify button from the top or bottom of the thread or page.

If you wish to see a list of the threads which you have set to notify, select the Notifications page from your profile. On this page you can do the following:

  1. Change whether you receive news, announcements, and important notifications by e-mail.
  2. Choose whether you want to enable notification by default when you start or reply to a thread.
  3. Choose to have the content of the posted reply sent to you via e-mail notification.
  4. Choose the frequency of notifications, and whether you wish to be notified each time a reply is posted, or only for the first reply posted before you next login.
  5. Choose the type of notifications which you receive for threads or boards which you have set to notify.

The list of notified threads is located below this list of options. Here you can select any number of threads from the list by checking the appropriate box, and then selecting the unnotify button if you wish to stop receiving e-mails about new replies to a thread. Threads which are no longer set to notify are also removed from this list when you select this option.

It also possible to set individual boards on a forum to notify by selecting this button from the top right hand corner above the list of threads within a particular board. Selecting unnotify from the same place will also remove this notification, as it would do for a thread. A list of boards which are set to notify can also be seen on the Notifications and e-mails screen below the list of threads set to notify, and can be set to unnotify in the same way as described above for threads.