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The moderation log primarily serves to deliver accountability for moderator actions, for this reason, log activities cannot be removed for at least twenty-four hours. In a line by line report format the moderation log lists which actions a moderator took on which post.

Moderation activities can be deleted by checking an entry and selecting remove from the bottom of the display screen. For larger moderation logs, a search feature is enabled by default also at the bottom of the display screen.

Post Moderation and The Warning System must be enabled through the Administration Center for this feature to take effect.

Watched Members

Watched Members provides a simple interface to keep an eye on troublesome members and problem instigators. Watch status can be set by either being warned beyond a set level by the moderation team or by engaging the status manually on a members profile.

The Watched Users section can be sorted by Member or by Post:

  • By Member - See all members who currently have a "watch" on their profile. This can be set by visiting a members profile and selecting "watch this user" or by increasing their warning level above an admin set threshold.
  • By Post - A list of posts created by members that are currently set to be watched, providing a simple checkbox that can be used to mass delete troublesome messages.