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Welcome to the Simple Machines Forum Online Documentation!

Simple Machines aims to provide you with the best support possible. We have developed a 3 step process to answer your questions.

Step 1: Search
Step 2: FAQ
Step 3: Documentation

If that doesn't work, we have a backup plan: the community forum

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I install SMFHow do I install a theme
Why does it say I removed my copyrightHow do I donate to SMF
I deleted myselfWhat makes the sky blue
I think I have been hackedWhat makes the green grass grow


Get an introduction to Simple Machines Forum. Learn what SMF is and what we are about.

Installing SMF

Server RequirementsUsing WebinstallConverting from another forum
Obtaining SMFInstallingClient Requirements
Uploading SMFUpgrading

Using SMF

As a regular user
Getting started Profile Bulletin Board Code (BBC)
Registering Logging In Profile
Posting Personal Messages Bulletin Board Code
Searching Help Memberlist
As a moderator
When to moderate How to communicate forum policy Modifying Posts
Deleting Posts Moving Topics Merging Topics
Splitting Topics Warning Moderation Log
As an administator
Administration Center Support and Credits News and newsletters
Packages Security
Features and Options Security and Moderation Server Settings
Current Theme Themes and Layout
Boards Posts and Topics Calendar
Search Smileys and Message Icons Attachments and Avatars
Packages Reports Maintenance
Settings Security Banning
Permissions Groups
Maintenance Controls
Packages Reports Maintenance
Settings Security Banning
Permissions Groups
More Admin Documentation
Packages Reports Maintenance
Settings Security Banning
Permissions Groups

Developing SMF

Learn to develop customizations for your SMF. Then visit the Customization Site to share them with others.