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  • Karma mode - Karma is a feature that shows the popularity of a member. Members, if allowed, can 'applaud' or 'smite' other members, which is how their popularity is calculated. The following options are available:
  • Disable karma - will disable the use of this feature.
  • Enable karma total - will only show the total of points received.
  • Enable karma positive/negative - will show the positive points as well as the negative points.


  • Set the minimum posts needed to modify karma - The number of posts needed to have a "karma".
  • Set wait time in hours - The time between smites or applauds.
  • Restrict administrators to wait time - If administrators have to wait for the time above as well.


  • Karma label - Karma label that will be used.
  • Karma applaud label - he label of the applaud link.
  • Karma smite label - The label of the smite link.