How to upload a fresh set of files From Online Manual

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When the database is OK, but some SMF files are damaged, it may be a good idea to reinstall the current version of SMF. This recreates what is called a "clean SMF installation". This might be necessary if

  • a mod fails to uninstall, leaving the forum unworkable
  • SMF upgrade fails because of the changes mods have made.

These are instructions to restore the current version of SMF, without making any changes to the database. Then, it will be possible to re-install mods or upgrade to a newer version of SMF. These instructions will delete all mods and themes, and erase all hand-made customizations from php files. For other options, please seek support at the 1.1 support board or the 2.0 support board.

First -- Backup everything
Backup your database. Make sure you have backed up all your data
Backup your custom themes and graphics. Make careful notes about any hand-made customizations you have made to files.
Download your current version of SMF
Download the large upgrade package of your forums version.
Prevent the package from changing the database
Open the package and delete upgrade.php files.
remove most of the files
Delete everything in the forums directory except for the settings.php and settings_bak.php files and the attachments and avatars directory.
Upload the package to the forums directory and unzip the files.
If you cannot unzip the files directly on your host, unzip the files on your desktop and FTP the files to your forum directories.