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Putting your forum in Maintenance Mode In or Out

1. Log into your admin panel for you forum.

2. Go over to Configuration. Hit that and it's will pop up a list of thing's you needed.

3. Go down to Server Settings. That also pop up a list of thing's you needed too.

4. You will see General. Hit that. It's will bring you up on the right screen you needed.

5. You will see a box of Enable Maintenance Mode. Check that box. If you don't check that box. It's won't go into Maintenance Mode.

6. Leave the Subject for display Maintenance alone if you wanted.

7. Then you will see the Message for display. See the quote below they have as a message

  Okay faithful users...we're attempting to restore an older backup of the will be posted once we're back!

8. Change the message as you wish

9. All guest's and member's will see the message you have put there.

10. Then go down to save and hit that. Then you is all site.

Note -- If you want to take the forum out of Maintenance Mode

1. Redo step's 1 to 4

Plus put up the new step five from here.

5. You will see a box of Enable Maintenance Mode. Uncheck that box. If you don't uncheck that box. It's will stay into Maintenance Mode.

6. Then go down to save and hit that. Then you is all set.

Here is a other way you can take it in or out of Maintenance Mode without logging into your forum.

1. Log into you C-panel

2. Once you are in C-panel. Go to your File Manager.

3. When you get into you File Manager. Go to public_html or www.

4. Go down to Settings.php file and do a left click on your mouse on your file.

5. A screen will pop up. You can go to Code Edit or Edit.

6. Whatever you have pick a screen will pop up on your screen. Go down and hit edit. It will open the file you want.

7. You will see Maintenance Mode in that file. That what you needed.

8. Found $maintenance = 0; Now 0 means it is out of Maintenance Mode. And 1 means is in Maintenance Mode. And 2 means is nobody can't see your forum or log in. When you go on your site, user and guests. They will see your Display Message.

9. Hit Save Changes. You will be all set.

Note -- Do a back up first on that file.