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Maintenance mode is one of the General Server settings on the Administration panel. It is often used during forum maintenance, or when installing or uninstalling forum modifications or themes.
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==How to Put The Forum in Maintenance Mode==
# Go to ''Administration > Configuration > Server Settings > General''. To get there, follow these steps:
#* Log into your forum and select "Admin" from the navigation menu.
#* From the "Configuration" section of the administration panel, select '''Server Settings'''.
#* Choose the '''General''' tab.
# Check the box labelled '''Enable Maintenance Mode'''.
# Change the '''Subject for display Maintenance'''.
# If you wish, you may change the '''Message for display''', so that all guests and members will see the message you have entered.
# Click the save button.
==How to Take the Forum Out of Maintenance Mode==
# Go to ''Administration > Configuration > Server Settings > General''
# Uncheck the box labelled '''Enable Maintenance Mode'''
# Click the save button
==How to Set Maintenance Mode without Logging into The Forum==
# Log in to your forum's control panel
# Go to your file manager
# Find the directory that your forum's files are in. This could be '''public_html''', '''www''', or several other things, depending on your host.
# Find the file '''Settings.php''' and make a back-up copy of it, just in case you make a mistake while editing it.
# Open the file '''Settings.php''' for editing
# Find '''$maintenance''' in the file. Here are the settings you can use:
#* '''maintenance = 0;''' -- Out of Maintenance mode.
#* '''maintenance = 1;''' -- In Maintenance mode.
#* '''maintenance = 2;''' -- Generates a white page.
# Save the file by clicking '''Save Changes'''.

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