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This is called Maintenance mode, one of the General Server settings on the Administration panel. It is often used during Forum Maintenance, or when installing or uninstalling forum modifications or themes.
#REDIRECT [[Maintenance mode]]
==How to put the forum in Maintenance Mode==
# Go to Administration > Configuration > Server Settings > General.  Here is how to get there:
#* Log into your forum and select "admin" from the navigation menu.
#* From the "Configuration" section of the administration panel, select '''Server Settings'''
#* Choose the '''General''' tab.
# Check the box labelled '''Enable Maintenance Mode.'''
# Change the '''Subject for display Maintenance'''
# If you wish, you may change the '''Message for display'''.
# All guests and members will see the message you have entered.
# Then select the save button
==How to take the forum out of Maintenance Mode==
# Go to Administration > Configuration > Server Settings > General (see above)
# Uncheck the box labelled '''Enable Maintenance Mode'''
# Select the save button
==How to set Maintenance Mode without logging into the forum==
# Log in to your forum's control panel
# Go to your File manager
# Find the folder your forum's files are in. This could be '''public_html''', '''www''' or several other things, depending on your host.
# Find the file '''Settings.php''', and make a back-up copy of it, just in case you make a mistake while editing it.
# Open the file '''Settings.php''' for editing:
#* right-click on the file
#* From the pop-up menu, select '''Code Edit or Edit'''
#* Select "edit" from the pop-up
# Find '''$maintenance''' in the file. Here are the settings you can use:
#* '''maintenance = 0;''' -- Out of Maintenance mode
#* '''maintenance = 1;''' -- In Maintenance mode
#* '''maintenance = 2;''' -- "Extra" Maintenance mode -- nobody can log in, not even administrators.
# Save the file by selecting '''Save Changes'''.

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