Help, I keep going back to the list of topics when I make a post

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By default, when you submit a post, you're returned to the board in which the post was made. Many people, though, prefer to be returned to what they just posted.

There are two ways to achieve this:

• Each member can set this in their profile. In the look and layout section, put a check in "Return to topics after posting by default" and click "Save".

• To make it the default setting for everyone, go to Admin panel > Current theme and select Member Options. On that page, click on "Change current options for all members using this theme" under the theme's name for which you want this to apply. On the page that opens, click the dropdown box next to "Return to topics after posting by default" and click "Change". Then check the box next to it and save your new setting.

If you want to set this for more than one theme, you'll need to do each one separately.