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The forum header is the section at the top of the forum, which appears on every page when browsing the forum. In the default SMF 2.0 theme it looks like this:

Forum header 2.0.png

  • The uppermost part of the forum header contains the forum title, banner and logo.
  • In the default theme the lower part of the forum header can be collapsed (hidden) or expanded (shown) using the upshrink icon Upshrink2.png in the top right hand corner.
  • In the collapsible area of the header there is a section with information about you, links to unread messages, as well as the date. If you have uploaded an avatar, then it will also be displayed here.
  • There is usually a quick search box in this collapsible area.
  • An administrator can choose to display a news ticker in the collapsible part of the forum header.