Differences between SMF 2.1 and SMF 2.0

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General and security

  • Handling of attachments (based on mod Improved Attachment Error Handling)
  • Tokens (security)
  • End of admin and moderator sessions (security)
  • IPv6 support
  • Smart-emulation (the package manager is now able to propose a SMF version to emulate in order to install a mod)
  • New tags for packages: <credits> (tag for inserting mod credits in to the credits page), <requires> (tag to basic mod dependency), <hooks> (tag to add / remove hooks)
  • Detection of mobile devices
  • Previews of several things are now available (Personal messages (now AJAX), news and newsletters, warning template and warnings, signature)
  • jQuery
  • phpinfo directly into the admin panel
  • Deny access to boards
  • Ability to specify how long to keep moved topic notices before they're deleted (via scheduled task)
  • Ability to deny board access


  • Many more hooks (will follow a list of the most important)

Minor improvements

  • Added categories for boards to membergroups management pages (easier to use)
  • Post recount for members added to maintenance menu
  • Improved calendar export function