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This is a early draft of Curve2's documentation. This is not an official documentation created by SMF team. Attention to readers: This page and/or the pages/files listed under this page are not for the functions (ie; how to add a new membergroup etc.) of the software or core mechanics (ie; how calendar queries work etc.), this page is for Theme authors or people who is interested in parts of the SMF's front-end.

Curve2 is the default theme of SMF 2.1. Its hold under Themes folder as "default" (From this moment I might call the folder/theme as default and/or Curve2. This folder contains everything related to front end and following list contains files/folders under it;

Board.png css
Board.png fonts
Board.png images
Board.png languages
Board.png scripts
Php-icon-white.gif Admin.template
Php-icon-white.gif BoardIndex.template
Php-icon-white.gif Calendar.template
Php-icon-white.gif Display.template
Php-icon-white.gif Errors.template
Php-icon-white.gif GenericControls.template
Php-icon-white.gif GenericList.template
Php-icon-white.gif GenericMenu.template
Php-icon-white.gif Help.template
Php-icon-white.gif Index.template
Php-icon-white.gif Likes.template
Php-icon-white.gif Login.template
Php-icon-white.gif ManageAttachment.template
Php-icon-white.gif ManageBans.template
Php-icon-white.gif ManageBoards.template