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===Ban List===
#REDIRECT [[Ban list]]
There are multiple types of restrictions or bans you can use. You can use the following restrictions or bans on people, ips, hostnames, e-mails, or usernames: Cannot Post, Cannot Register, and Full Ban.
*'''Cannot Post''' - If you put a post restriction/ban on an ip, username, e-mail, or ip you take away the right to post. This allows them to visit your site, but that is about it. This is good if you just want to stop some one from posting but allow them to visit your forum.
*'''Cannot Register''' - When you put a registration restriction/ban on an ip, username, e-mail, or ip you take away the right to register at your forum. If they currently have an account on your forum they will be able to use it, however they won't be able to register a new one. This type of restriction or ban is nice if you have some one who registers multiple times.
*'''Full Ban''' - When you put a full ban or restriction on something, they will not have the right to visit your site. This means they cannot read, regist, or post on your site. So if you really want to get rid of some thing or some one this is the way to do it.
*'''Ban Expirations''' - You can set bans to restrict some one forever or just a limited time. If you wish to just punish some one temporarily, use the Ban will expire after x day(s) feature. If you would like to ban some one indefinatly set the ban to expire Never.
===Add New Ban===
===Browse Ban Triggers===
===Ban Log===
The ''Ban List'' page of the [[:Category:Ban List]] section of the [[admin panel]] shows a list of all of the members you have banned with the following details:
<ul class="bbc_list"><li>'''Ban Name''' - Just any name you wish to give to the ban.</li><li>'''Notes''' - Shows notes left about the ban, this can assist other staff members.</li><li>'''Reason''' - The reason the member was banned.</li><li>'''Added''' - When the ban was made.</li><li>'''Expires''' - When the ban will no longer take effect.</li><li>'''Triggers''' - Shows how the number of ways the member has been banned.</li><li>'''Actions''' - Shows a link to modify the ban.</li></ul>
To add a new ban click on the '''Add New Ban''' tab on the '''Ban List''' page.
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