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===Ban List===
#REDIRECT [[Ban list]]
===Add New Ban===
===Browse Ban Triggers===
===Ban Log===
The ''Ban List'' page of the [[:Category:Ban List]] section of the [[admin panel]] shows a list of all of the members you have banned with the following details:
<ul class="bbc_list"><li>'''Ban Name''' - Just any name you wish to give to the ban.</li><li>'''Notes''' - Shows notes left about the ban, this can assist other staff members.</li><li>'''Reason''' - The reason the member was banned.</li><li>'''Added''' - When the ban was made.</li><li>'''Expires''' - When the ban will no longer take effect.</li><li>'''Triggers''' - Shows how the number of ways the member has been banned.</li><li>'''Actions''' - Shows a link to modify the ban.</li></ul>
To add a new ban click on the '''Add New Ban''' tab on the '''Ban List''' page.
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