Visual verification code - It doesn't work. What should I do From Online Manual

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Sometimes the visual verification code (aka CAPTCHA) does not appear on the registration page.

The two most common causes of this problem are:

  1. One of the php files involved in the creation of the image does not end with ?> or does not start with <?php
  2. The fonts directory is missing, or some files in the directory are missing

It is possible to perform a quick scan of all the files of the forum, in order to look for leading or trailing empty spaces or lines by using file_check.php. For each file reported by the script, you have to open it and remove any leading or trailing white space, new lines present, or any character from the beginning of the file to <?php and from ?> up to the end of the file.

The fonts directory can be found in the default theme directory. It can be replaced by the one from the install package in order to restore any files which may be missing.